The Show Saver 7-Inch Vinyl Single

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There exists quite a few adjectives that apply to Carnage The Executioner when speaking of his brand of live performance. Some descriptors, such as intense, abnormal & immodest lead to differing opinions. Despite whatever arguments come about, some that’ll never come up are: lazy, lackluster and unoriginal.

Carnage The Executioner is out to prove that he can single-handedly change the negatives associated with live Hip-Hop performances into positives. Seems ambitious, indeed. But The Show Saver 7-inch Vinyl Single seeks to add merit to the above claim.

In under 7 minutes total, The Executioner accomplishes multiple feats that include, but are not limited to: delivering a gripping story; giving a tutorial on how emcees can improve their own live shows; making your head nod uncontrollably; and providing hope. He explicitly tells amateurs and live show enthusiasts that he can SAVE THE SHOW if it’s deemed to be in-danger.

Carnage The Executioner gives supporters two well-crafted tracks – making this release more of a project than a simple single. The Show Saver and Save The Show! are as different from one another as they are similar. Carnage employs the last year winner of his Carnage’s Co-Star Contest, Gradient (Eugene, OR) to rap The Show Saver’s first verse as “Voe-kulz” – a fictional rap character who’s not performing so well in the live show arena. Listeners will find appeal in Gradient’s ability to embody the personality needed to bring Carnage’s songwriting to life. The second verse has Carnage giving Voe-kulz a helping of much-needed veteran advice. The recipe of horns, piano and organ seasonings atop meaty drums and enormous low-end is nothing short of spectacular. Save The Show! puts an action-packed spin on the already-creative Show Saver concept with different lyrics over a raw Golden Age Hip-Hop banger. Enigmatic and versatile producer Big Jess proves that he and Carnage are a stellar production team. The two generously provide you with instrumentals to both melodic, densely-layered, heavy-hitting songs on side B of the vinyl.

This is Carnage The Executioner’s first time on his own wax. He makes great use of this comic book/action figure-themed event with a vinyl single that’s presented beautifully with artistic virtuoso Pat Jensen’s vivid, exciting and eye-catching illustration. The 2-sided full-color vinyl jacket looks as good as the audio sounds! If you’re a rare and limited-edition vinyl collector, you’ll enjoy having record color choices of: translucent gold (125 copies), translucent red (100 copies) or classic black (75 copies). Feel free to cop one of each if you have difficulty choosing only 1 color!

Each of The Show Saver 7-inch Vinyl units comes autographed and numbered 1-300 by Carnage The Executioner himself. A download card and unique password-protected URL leading each buyer to exclusive online content is included to make the package even heftier. Carnage gives you a new installment of what he previously established with Minnesota Mean as a “Digital Super Single” download. 14 files included:

•CD-quality WAV’s of The Show Saver and Save The Show! with instrumentals and a cappella’s for both songs (6 tracks total)

•Hi-res front and back vinyl jacket art images – along with all 3 record color images (6 files total)

•Written song lyrics (2 files total)

*Every vinyl ships with free pins and stickers.


The dying art of live performance teeters on the verge of being saved by Carnage The Executioner. But even a fully-capable guardian could benefit from team support. Cop THE SHOW SAVER SQUAD JERSEY & help The Executioner further his cause! This classic baseball-styled jersey comes in men’s and women’s cut heather grey with purple 3/4-length sleeves. The chest area is decorated with a full-color graphic identical to the cover art on The Show Saver 7-inch Vinyl – resembling a scene lifted from a Carnage The Executioner comic book! All sizes available. Ships with free stickers & pins.