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Worth The Wait is where Carnage The Executioner gives the listener a piece of THE PERSON he is & not just the ARTIST he has become. Tales of his wretched childhood upbringing, brutal honesty & dark imagery pilot this album. The Executioner employs a dense, slightly heavy-metal backdrop to display his shocking lyrical wizardry over. Highly-praised by local writers upon its release in 2011, Worth The Wait sets the tone for the sincere, honest & multi-skilled Carnage The Executioner you’re able to experience today!


1. Darken

2. Black Steal

3. Comin Thru Ya Speaker


5. Prepare For The Worst

6. Hunger

7. I Want It All

8. The Super Human Mulit-track

9. You Should Not Emcee

10. Worth The Wait

11. The Class-Sicks

12. Egress

13. Bonus- I Want It All (Refurbished)

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