The Ultimatum EP/Tape

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Carnage The Executioner is able to bring together all of what traditional Hip-Hop enthusiasts long for with THE ULTIMATUM. This limited edition 7-song EP with a bonus live recording of the title track shows off The Executioner’s unyielding ability to grow with each release. The present ride starts immediately as the record hits you hard from the beginning. Although it has peaks & valleys, they don’t detract from the overall intensity. The ride only stops once the record is over. The oldschool-futuristic approach & song structure make this feel like a 90’s Hip-Hop record, but still displays a modern ambiance sans sounding dated.

The Executioner is in classic form on THE ULTIMATUM: he’s raising eyebrows; he’s living up to his namesake; he’s positioning himself in-your-face without it seeming forced. The message is simple here: hone your skills & bring the rugged, raw, hardcore, sincere & overall great Hip-Hop back…Or face the consequences. You’ve been warned.


01. Keep The Body Bags Handy!
02. 11 B.C. (Before Carnage)
03. Namesake feat. PCP
04. The Ultimatum
05. Break Beat Dominator
06. He-is-I-&-I-am-Him feat. Concentr8
07. Who Got The Props? 5102
08. The Ultimatum

THE ULTIMATUM is sold as a fully-detailed cassette tape. A digital download link to this release will be emailed to you upon purchase.

You can also purchase the album digitally at iTunes. Click here to get it today!

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