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Carnage The Executioner’s Respect The Name album has the 40+ year-old beast sounding like a 19 year old starving artist on a hunger strike. The listener has no choice but to respect whomever Carnage asserts himself as. More often though, the song lyrics are written around the notion that we all have names, titles, identities & classifications by which we identify: but what qualities we possess as human beings – good or bad – are a reflection upon who we truly are…And most likely by which we’ll be judged. What’s special about RTN is that you are experiencing all that Carnage has to offer: athletic, carefully-crafted, style-driven lyricism & a newly-discovered knack for story-telling. But he is careful to not sacrifice content for style or vice versa. Carnage also expands on his ability to compose musical soundscapes both with his mouth AND through arrangements of live instrumentation. Overseen & largely produced by Carnage himself, the album’s sound is as melodic & musical as it is raw and intense – an unusual blend of multi-layered minimalism. Conceptual, culturally-relevant, socially-conscious, uplifting & heart-warming, RTN covers many topical bases & still maintains the tightness of a cohesive Hip-Hop album. As a whole piece, RTN tells the emotionally-charged brutally-honest & sobering yet triumphant story of a man who has lived a life full of tragedy, insanity, & that thing we all need: change.


1. T-Swift Was Here

2. Respect The Name

3. C.3XL

4. The Executioner

5. Soul Snatcher

6. Different/Dope Mutha…

7. Attack Of The Show Stealer

8. God’s Gift To The World

9. Victim Vs. Victor

10. Nigger-tivity (Keep Steppin’)

11. Save “My People”

12. Addict

13. The Name Chose Me

14. Oneinamillion

15. M.T.W. Story

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